What is a committee?

What is a committee?

The administration and management of the strata scheme may be performed on behalf of all lot owners by a Committee.

The Committee is a group of owners elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM) who can make many of the day-to-day decisions about running the scheme on behalf of the Owners Corporation including the control, maintenance and repair of common property.

An Owners Corporation of 13 lots or more must elect a Committee at every AGM. Owners Corporations with less than 13 lots may elect a Committee if they choose to do so, but it is not mandatory.

If your Owners Corporation does not have a Committee, the lot owners must elect a chairperson of the Owners Corporation.

The Committee has the responsibility of making decisions on behalf of all owners such as the maintenance of common property,

enforcing the rules, and must manage the Owners Corporation finances to ensure there are sufficient funds available to maintain your building now and into the future.

Election of the Committee

The Committee must have a minimum of three and maximum of 12 members. You can nominate for the Committee if you are a lot owner or hold a proxy for a lot owner with the owner’s consent.

Once elected, a committee holds office until a new committee is elected, usually at the next AGM.

Committee members elect the office bearer positions of Chair (Chairperson) and Secretary who then fill the positions of Chair and Secretary of the Owners Corporation.

It is you, the owner, who votes for the Committee.

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