Strata Management Services

Strata Management Services

Creating a Better Community

Managing an Owners Corporation can be an overwhelming job. From understanding changing and complex legislation, managing financials to arranging repairs and maintenance, to dealing with diverse and at times conflicting owner requirements.

That’s why every VBCS managed property receives personalised services from a team of experienced strata specialists who not only facilitate the effective running of the Owners Corporation, but future-proof it.

Our services are extensive but broadly cover:

Smarter Benefits

Negotiated Exclusively for VBCS Clients

  • Electricity Saving
  • 25% off Landlords Insurance
  • 23% off Contents Insurance
  • Tax Depreciation Schedule

Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) can arrange for a review of electricity and gas services to the common areas to help reduce costings to the Owners Corporation.

Ongoing offerings include:

  • Advice around energy consumption, usage rates and savings measures
  • Monitoring the energy billing – check to ensure bills are correct
  • Ongoing review and comparison of various options available
  • Monitoring of contract expiration dates as part of our proactive management

Specifically designed for landlords of apartments, units, villas and townhouses, CHU Landlords Insurance is a tax-deductible insurance that protects landlords against loss or damage to their investment property. You can continue to receive rent if your tenant suddenly departs or damages your property where it is unfit to be occupied.

A common misunderstanding from strata owners is that their personal contents will be covered under the strata building’s insurance policy. They’re not. It’s up to each owner or resident to arrange insurance for their own contents should they wish them to be covered under a policy.

Contents Insurance provides cover for personal possessions such as furniture, TV and computers, clothing, jewellery, blinds and any of your own electrical appliances.

Save $110 on Tax Depreciation Schedule

A common oversight by investors at tax time is property depreciation, resulting in a loss of taxation benefits. Making the most of your investment property makes good financial sense. For just $550 including GST (saving of $110) leading Quantity Surveyor Mitchell Brandtman will prepare a comprehensive Tax Depreciation Schedule for your investment property.

Make The Switch

Looking for a new Owners Corporation or Strata Manager?

We’ll guide you through the transition. No complications. No problem. VBCS has been providing industry-leading Owners Corporation management and strata management services throughout Victoria since 1982. Making the switch need not be complicated.

  • Raise a motion to change Owners Corporation management at your AGM or committee meeting.
  • Conduct a vote or hold a postal ballot. You will need the majority to vote to proceed.
  • Follow the process for the termination of the old management agreement as outlined in the contract of appointment.

Experience the Difference

Give us a little detail about you and your Owners Corporation below and one of our friendly representative will get back to you in two business days. Alternatively, call us on 1800 519 642.

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