Our role as your Community Manager?

Our role as your Community Manager?

Every Owners Corporation is legally required to manage and maintain shared property and services. This includes ensuring the strata scheme is compliant with strata law and regulations.

This takes time, skill and an understanding of the complex legislation. That’s why most Owners Corporations choose to engage the services of a professional strata manager.
Like VBCS.

When contracted to a strata scheme by the Owners Corporation, VBCS is delegated the responsibility of managing the day-to-day affairs of the scheme on behalf of the Committee.

Tasks will vary according to the management agreement, but broadly cover:

• Conducting the Annual General Meeting

• Financial management

• Technical services

• Administrative duties

There is so much more to managing your scheme, including tasks we perform behind the scenes, but you will experience the difference VBCS professional management makes.

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