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Established in 1982, Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) has a strong reputation in the marketplace for delivering tailored, innovative solutions to maximise outcomes for its Owners Corporations. With a solid heritage in strata management, VBCS’s corporate knowledge and experience is widespread. From townhouse complexes and small residential apartment blocks right up to community developments, hotels and commercial properties, VBCS has multi-skilled Community Managers in place to add value to communities of all shapes and sizes.

Why Us

As a founding member of Strata Community Australia (SCA) in Victoria and four decades of strata experience, we have a strong record of service excellence and delivering seamless end-to-end management services to strata communities. We listen, we plan, and we work with committees to deliver results in the best interests of all owners. Our management processes have been tried and thoroughly tested, then refined to suit the specific needs of each community. It’s effective, targeted and addresses the matters relevant for that location. For an added level of peace of mind, we have the infrastructure and financial backing of our parent company Smarter Communities, the second largest strata management provider in Australia.



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  • Great Support for Owners

    Jake was outstanding in difficult time. Our property presented a range of complicated challenges including detailed Engineering reports, problem contractors, fraudulent material being circulated, legal challenges and one owner who absorbed an incredible amount of resources from VBCS and the owners corporation. As the Chairman of the Owners Corporation it was a pleasure dealing with Jake who was honest and straight forward and supported the OC through tough circumstances resulting in the OC avoiding several catastrophes.



  • Great Customer Service

    Troy at VBCS was patient and thorough in sorting out our billing queries - as well as getting the job done properly, his friendliness meant that we got into some further issues and fixed them as well. Appreciated!


  • Professional Service

    Our property recently engaged VBCS. From the outset discussions with them were very professional. This included providing information, prompt responses to queries and respectful interactions in setting up the new arrangements.

    Elwood Property

    New Customer

  • Awesome Service

    My partner and I recently purchased our first property which is managed by VBCS. Our assigned body corporate manager has been extremely generous with his time in explaining all the relevant processes associated with strata property. .

    Alexandra L,

    First Home Owner

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